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CAVCOE in the News

Proposed Winter Weather Testing Centre of Excellence: With the continuing acceleration of technological advancements, the need for a state-of-the-art winter weather testing facility for vehicles, robots, machinery and equipment has never been greater. Thompson, Manitoba is positioned to meet this need.

City of Toronto Report: This is the Executive Summary of a research report by CAVCOE on Automated Sidewalk Winter Maintenance. February 2021. (Published with the permission of the City of Toronto.)

AV White Paper that describes the opportunities and challenges facing
Canada in the AV era. It proposes a road-map for the Government of Canada, December 2015

CAVCOE / Windmill news release re the Zibi project

Automated Vehicles: The Coming of the Next Disruptive Technology. A joint report by the Conference Board of Canada, CAVCOE and the Van Horne Institute.

Autonomous Vehicles and Road Safety; a guest editorial by Paul Godsmark in The Safety Network, published by the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals; 2014 Issue 4.

Barrie Kirk on the (very near) future for driverless cars. Yahoo Finance Canada interview; October 2014.

CTV's Canada AM: Future of self-driving cars. Interview with Barrie Kirk; October 2014.

MADD Canada Supports Development of Automated Vehicles to Improve Road Safety; MADD Canada (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), October 8, 2014.

Three technologies that will change the World; keynote address by Barrie Kirk, CAVCOE, to the IEEE VTC Conference, Vancouver; September 2014.

Why the robot car is inevitable
; Globe and Mail, August 2014

CAVCOE launches Automated Vehicles Speakers Bureau; August 2014

Quality Streets (How cities can become more livable by creating AV-only zones); by Paul Godsmark; Traffic Technology International, February/March 2014.

Countdown to Autonomy by Paul Godsmark; Traffic Technology International, October/November 2013.

How Automated Vehicles will change Municipalities by Barrie Kirk and Paul Godsmark; Milestones, the magazine of the Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA); Fall 2013, page 25.

Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence launched; November 2013.

Paul Godsmark’s blog on the impact of AVs

How Automated Vehicles will Impact Civil Engineering by Barrie Kirk and Paul Godsmark; Canadian Civil Engineer, Fall 2013, page 28.

Other News Releases and Articles

How Driverless Cars Could Save the Government Lots and Lots of Money.; The Atlantic Cities, February 21, 2014.

Imagine: A World Where Nobody Owns Their Own Car; The Atlantic Cities, February 13, 2014.

What Will Happen to Public Transit in a World Full of Autonomous Cars?; The Atlantic Cities, January 17, 2014.

Self-Driving Vehicles Offer Potential Benefits, Policy Challenges for Lawmakers; RAND Corporation, January 2014.

Urban Planning & Community Design Considerations in an Era of Driverless Cars; Alain L. Kornhauser, TRB Annual Meeting, January 2014.

Developing Emerging Transportation Technologies in Texas; Mike Krusee et al, University of Texas at Austin report for the Texas DOT. December 2013.

Ontario Proposes Pilot Framework to Test and Evaluate Autonomous Vehicles; December 17, 2013.

ITS Canada hosts Canada's First Summit Meeting on Autonomous Vehicles; November 25, 2013.

Suncor Seeks Cost Cutting With Robot Trucks in Oil-Sands Mine; October 31, 2013.

A Self-Driving Car Will Create 1 Gigabyte of Data Per Second: New Big Data Opportunity? SmartData Collective; July 22, 2013.

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