CAVCOE (formerly the Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence) provides consulting services, education. information, analyses, and recommendations to the public and private sectors on planning for the deployment of self-driving vehicles of all kinds.

The team members are very well networked and are very active in Canada and internationally in relationship building and knowledge transfer.

There are three components to what we do: consulting, education, and advocacy.


We help organizations:

  • Identify business opportunities in the hardware, software, and service aspects of CAVs and help them develop these opportunities.

  • Assess how suppliers can adapt their business plans to take advantage of CAVs and/or minimize any downsides. This includes assessing their business strategy, and operational and revenue models.

  • CAVCOE collaborates with research organizations and funders to conduct studies that will improve the development and deployment of CAVs.

  • Assist users and potential users determine whether to use CAVs and if so, develop a plan and assist with the deployment.

  • Support governments at all levels in developing policies, strategies and plans around CAVs

  • Identifying possible future business models or strategies that can maximize the benefits and mitigate the downsides when CAVs are deployed.


  • CAVCOE publicizes the progress being made on CAVs, the challenges, the current status and the expected deployment schedule. CAVCOE also specializes in the impact of CAVs on transportation, business, government, and society as a whole. There are several ways we do this.

  • CAVCOE provides speakers for many different types of events across Canada, the US and overseas. The audiences include the general public as well as industry-specific organizations. On the one hand, our keynotes and presentations have core messaging on the status of CAVs, their deployment scenarios, and the impact on business plans, government regulations, and almost all aspects of society. On the other hand, each presentation is customized for the audience and the time available. To enquire about a speaker for your event, please write to speakers@cavcoe.com

  • CAVCOE publishes CAV Update, a free, monthly summary of news and analysis in the world of connected and automated vehicles, and their impact on the private sector, government, and society. The latest issue is here.

  • CAVCOE provides webinars, often in association with other stakeholder organizations.


  • We advise governments on strategy and messaging related to CAVs

  • We develop opinion pieces that are published in the media and in our monthly newsletter (CAV Update).

  • We participate in workshops that develop approaches to be used by stakeholders in the public and private sectors.

We will answer any questions that you may have on automated vehicles.

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